Movanis offers V2G charging to the public on its parking premises

After extensive development and testing, Movanis is ready to offer V2G charging to the public. On their headquarters site in Heusden-Zolder, Movanis modified their 10 fast chargers with a software upgrade enabling “MoveOn Smart Charging”.

MoveOn Smart Charging is based on AI software to optimize electric vehicle charging. On the one hand to fulfill the driver’s need for the car readiness to drive and low charging prices, and, on the other hand, the chargers owners need to optimize investment and electricity operating costs of their site.

MoveOn Smart Charging incorporates various operation modes:

Vehicle-to-building or V2B operation mode is configured on 9 of its 10 fast chargers and is now operational for the public. These chargers are controlled based on the optimization of the electrical grid power of the building. Reduction of grid electricity peaks and improved usage of solar energy generation are a few examples of drivers of AI software. The 9 bidirectional chargers allow the active reduction of grid peaks and reuse of stored energy in the car batteries. The one unidirectional DC charger allows the so-called V1G operation mode or electricity demand optimization.

We have Vehicle-to-grid or V2G configured on a demonstration fast charger. V2G mode enables to assist in balancing the electricity grid. The charger is technically ready for aFFR balancing. Every 4 sec a message is received with a power setpoint for the chargers from grid operators or balancing services providers. At grid unbalance, energy is stored in or taken out from the connected car batteries. The MoveOn charging management system distributes the requested power setpoint between the connected cars. Tests are carried out with the MoveOn grid simulator.

The chargers are working following the carpool parking charging concept by making use of our Timesharing technology. Most of the charging points are connected with company cars of Movanis or of neighboring companies, which are connected during the entire working time. The system assures that these cars are charged at the end of the work day or until a requested hour, if the driver wishes to leave earlier. These cars assist in optimizing grid costs and are rewarded by low charging prices. Currently, the smart charging cost is 0.1€ per kWh!  Some of the chargers are fast transit chargers for cars passing by on their way to their final destination. They get higher priority in electricity consumption than the parking chargers, allowing them to MoveOn as quickly as possible. Even these charging stations allow cheap smart charging if the driver wishes to benefit from the 0.1€ charging fee at the extent of a possible slightly longer charging time. The carpool parking charging concept allows for a very low investment cost and electricity peak demand for companies with 5 or more company cars. Movanis has recently patented the IP for this concept.

Besides the fast chargers, Movanis has also installed its own developed stationary batteries, which are integrated into this global plant energy cost-saving concept based on solar energy generation, electric car charging, and stationary batteries.

The AI part of this development was sponsored by the Flemish authorities as an innovation project.