MoveOn, a completely new way of charging electric vehicles for your company

The ecological appeal of renewable energy-driven appliances is growing by the minute, but the transition to electrical driving poses many challenges for companies. At Movanis, we are always actively looking for ways to apply our knowledge and experience to develop more sustainable solutions for the future. That is why we are very excited to introduce our MoveOn Charging stations. Building on our expertise with AGVs, we have developed an entirely new way of charging electric vehicles. Where there were previously two ways of charging, AC slow charging and DC fast charging, MoveOn combines the benefits of both and offers a completely new charging solution. This makes electric driving more appealing than ever. Let’s get into the three main reasons why you should choose smart charging solutions by MoveOn.

#1 Effortless transition

Being introduced to new technology causes stress for many people. Learning the sometimes complex ins and outs of a new system can be quite daunting. We have been working hard to make sure MoveOn is as user-friendly as possible.

By introducing our timesharing principle, we provide our customers the best of both worlds and more in a single solution. It is budget friendly like the conventional AC chargers, with the flexibility of fast charging like the conventional DC chargers. We eliminate the need for moving around cars by increasing your charging spots with a lower peak power consumption compared to the traditional AC charging equivalent. We smartly spread the charging actions across time to ensure everybody their desired load.

While you go to work, your car gets a guaranteed full charge, eliminating the need for additional charging at home. Just plug in and choose queuing up if you are staying a while, or opt for a priority request if you are planning on hitting the road again soon. That is how we manage different charging profiles with one simple solution. When you leave work, you just unplug and you’re done. That’s our Plug ‘n Charge principle, as easy as charging your phone!

#2 Decreasing costs, increasing efficiency

MoveOn solutions are modular and can be tailored to your needs. This means you get exactly what you need and only pay for the features that are relevant to you or your business. From 25 kW to 150 kW: MoveOn is ready to get you going by designing the right number of timesharing plugs for your charging station. Charging your company fleet at our MoveOn’s timesharing technology will also result in a lower total cost of ownership than providing your employees with AC chargers at home. One of the main reasons is that your electricity cost at your company is lower than the rates employees need to pay at home.

Our charging station can be controlled via our own myCar mobile app. This means paying for a charging session doesn’t rely on swiping RFID cards or actions at a payment terminal. It all happens via the app so you can eliminate the cost of extra hardware. Our own, very simple and direct payment system cuts out any additional transaction costs and third party subscription costs. You can manage users, approve vehicles and assign priority. If you make your charging services available to visitors and the general public, you can even generate an additional flow of income!

#3 Prepare for the future, today

The electric train is coming your way and the earlier you jump on, the bigger the benefits for you and your company. The government is subsidizing investment in green and durable solutions with the aim of accelerating the transition to electric driving with a 200 percent cost reduction on the total investment. MoveOn helps you cut operational costs, simplify your and your employees’ lives and improve energy efficiency. The sooner you make the switch, the longer you can profit from the government’s financial encouragement.

On top of this, we have created a bidirectional charger to help prepare you for any future V2G/V2B initiatives. Imagine being able to transfer energy from your car to the building, or even to the grid! With MoveOn, you are not only ready for the future, you play a leading role in it.


Are you interested in learning more about MoveOn? Want to visit our test and demo center in Heusden-Zolder to see MoveOn in action? Contact us at Movanis. We will be delighted to tell you all about it!