Curious as to how you can MoveOn with your EV car in no time?


Smart and fast EV chargers

with a modular design from 25kW up to 75kW. Besides quickly charging your car so that you can MoveOn. They have smart artificial intelligence to support V2G and V2H, allowing you to optimize your total energy consumption. Maximize your energy production earnings and minimize your energy consumption costs.

Our chargers support the "Plug and Charge" technology making the user experience as simple as plugging your car into the Preez and that's it. No need for RFID batches or payment terminals.

... and boosting your power

Preez+ comes with all the great features from Preez and adds even more functionality. 

MoveOn's "Power Booster" functionality enables you to charge up to 100kW while only needing very low grid power requirements. This allows you to install the Preez+ anywhere you want without a high voltage cabin. A typical 3 phase power supply that you can get at home is sufficient.

MoveOn's "Power Booster" also further extends optimizing your energy consumption by enabling V2G and V2H technology even when your car is not connected. How fancy can it get!