Smart and fast EV chargers

Smart and fast EV chargers with a modular design from 25kW up to 150kW.

Our chargers support the "Plug and Charge" technology making the user experience as simple as plugging your car into the Preez and that's it. No need for RFID batches or payment terminals.

Besides quickly charging your car so that you can MoveOn. They have smart artificial intelligence to support V2G and V2H, allowing you to optimize your total energy consumption. Maximize your energy production earnings and minimize your energy consumption costs.

Optional, we can implement our DC Timesharing concept to manage your full electrical fleet to be charged daily

with only 1 EV charger but on multiple connectors. The best solution for charging your full company fleet of electric vehicles at your site. Using the parking time to our advantage we can provide for a mixed profile of drivers/cars, office workers parking for a longer time mixed with some transit charging for short-stay profiles/visitors.

Our charging stations can be controlled via our own myCar mobile application for all additional actions. Our own payment systems are in place to provide you with the best MoveOn Back-end payment services (MSP).